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 Dustin is an influencer and model from Berlin known for his creative, as well as daring looks and photos. Being one of the first male influencers in Germany to live out his homosexuality through fashion in an unexpected way, he became a source of inspiration to a young generation who looks up to his free spirit and rebellious frame of mind. His following is filled with the "right kind" of loyal followers; cool kids who love fashion, diversity & raw honesty. Today he spends his time between creative direction, photography, modelling & influencing. 

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Taylah is an Australian influencer and photographer currently based in Miami. Since her departure from the modeling industry, she has become well known for her contributions to the body confidence community as well as for speaking openly about her eating disorder with her following. These initiatives, as well as being a prominent part of the LGBTQI+ community have allowed her to cultivate a substantial platform from which she inspires and connects with other like-minded young women. Now, Taylah spends most of her time between travelling, photography, and influencing, sharing uniquely raw and unfiltered elements of her day-to-day life.